CHOSEN-ONE Exotics and Persians
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Welcome to our Chosen-One Exotic and Persian website!

We are a small cageless FIFE registered cattery in Finland. We breed quality exotics and persians - specializing in bi-colour, 
calico, tabby, spotted patterns dominant and dilute from well known bloodlines with a very lovely personality. 
Our cats are raised as family members and live free in our house. Kittens are bred for quality, type, body, boning,
beautiful temperaments and sweet open expressions with large round eyes in the doll`s face with a short stop. 
Raised in a loving environment. Our kittens available only to indoor loving homes.

Chosen-One Betty Boop, our first own breeding female                                                                                                              
NATIONAL WINNER 2015 SC Chosen-One Rain of Roses, DVM, DSM
Chosen-One Betty Boop    Exotic

NATIONAL WINNER 2012 Chosen-One Fairytale Fancy                                                                                                       
                                                                                                NATIONAL WINNER 2013 IC Chosen-One Lacy Looker, JW

NW Chosen-One Fairytale Fancy    persialainen

Chosen-One is FIFe registered and
FeLV,  FIV, DNA PKD & Microsporum Canis negative cattery.